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BABYLY - Linen Toddler roller bumper protector - 6 colors

BABYLY - Linen Toddler roller bumper protector - 6 colors

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Roller protector, Snake- low height of the protector (12 cm / 4.7 inch), length 200cm (78,7 inch) -> for older children it will fill the space between the mattress and the wall -> protects against cold air from the wall or window -> you can tie the bumpers to the rungs of the bed or tie them together to create a space on a larger bed -> perfect as a play or sleeping pillow COLOR: white (80% linen, 20% cotton), gray (100% linen), powder pink (100% linen), sea blue (100% linen), forest green (100% linen), caramel (100% linen), beige (100% linen) The roller protector consists of an insert (cotton filled with a silicone ball) and a zippered linen cover in a color. This solution will allow you to quickly wash the dirty cover and replace it with a different color when you get bored;) The price is for one roller protector. The photo shows 1 bumper 200 cm / 79 inch in a 60x120 cm cot. **Not for use in infant cribs**

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